Sunday, September 26, 2010

Making a choice and sticking to it...

There has been a lot of buzz around setting goals lately.  I know that usually January is when most people set there goals, or their resolutions...but September really feels like the beginning of the year. 

The kids go back to grades for the kids, new changes in our routines I am setting a new goal.  I am putting it here, again, because I am hoping there will be some accountability for me...this may be a bad thing for me to ask for, but I am going to do it.

I need to make some changes in my life.  I was at an even this weekend and there was a display about diabetes.  I was talking with the lady who was at the table and I had no idea that if you have a family member with Type 2 diabetes then you are at a greater risk...I meet an awful lot of the risk factors and I really need to start taking care of myself better.

- I am turning 35 this year, age is a factor - generally 40 and over...but my body seems to be older then I really am...because my health is not at its best.
- There is no doubt that I am overweight.  I know that I need to lose at least 90 lbs to be at an even remotely ideal weight.  I have a long road there and I need to get serious.
- My father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he had heart bypass surgery.  As I said earlier, it never hit me that I was at a higer risk because of the family history...
- Exercise levels...for me are really non-existant.  I always plan on doing something but something else always comes up...
- Healthy eating - I am not horrible at this, but I do admit that I tend to eat out quite a bit - but usually in one week I will eat out a lot and another week hardly at all...either way, I need to improve in this area (hence the meal plans:-)

I am sure there are other risk factors that are present for me, but these are the ones that jumped out at me this weekend. 

Now it is time to do something about it...

I am starting with 2 goals.  They are small, and may seem trivial to others, but for me they will be huge...

1.  I will walk everyday to drop the kids at school or pick them up (probably pick them up).  This is about a 10 minute walk one way, with a stroller, and home.

2.  I am going to limit my iced capp addiction to once a week.  That may seem like a lot for someone, but really, I usually have at least 2 a day...I know, that is bad!!  I expect to have some extra money at the end of the week by doing this.

Two small goals, that I will take a week at a time. 

And you get to walk this journey with me:-)


  1. Aim at nothing... hit nothing! A small goal is better than none at all. Very good for you!!! :)