Sunday, September 26, 2010

A look at the week ahead:-)

Last week was definitely one of the crazier weeks for me.  Between working, life, doctors, appointments and having some fun time...I was exhausted!!

This week I want to take it a bit slower.  I like my job, I can say no if I want to, so this will be  ano week for me:-) 

This will be the first week that I actually get to do a "regular" week.  I will take Faith to preschool on Tuesday and stay at the centre...I may get to read a book (now I just need a book to read;-)

When preschool is done I get to take my client to her first horseback riding class this season.  I am so excited for her and that I get to help be a part that goal she had. 

I am learning another part of my job on Wednesday.  As part of where I work we provide supports to individuals who are able to live on their own.  So, I am going to learn what is involved with supportive living!!  I am actually quite excited about this opportunity because it helps to add a new dynamic to the job:-)

On Thursday I get to just drop Faith off at preschool and I have 3 hours to myself!!  I am really excited about this.  It will be nice to focus on something that needs to be groceries, or just coming home and chilling out!! 

And I really have nothing planned for Friday yet...but I am sure that will change...LOL!!

I would like to start menu planning to try to save a bit of money, so I am going to type it up here and try to follow through on it this can even ask me about it to make sure I am accountable!!

Meal Planning: (suppers only)
Monday - Porcupine Meatball and Rice with Veggies
Tuesday - Salisbury Steak with Potatoes and Salad
Wednesday - Macaroni and Cheese
Thursday - Chicken Divan Casserole
Friday - Impossible Cheeseburger Pie
Saturday - Homemade Pizzas (pizza kit from store with topping from fridge;-)
Sunday - Spontaneous Day;-)  (don't you love how we plan our spontaneous days?)

We are going to see if we can stick to this for the week and we are going to make as much as we can ahead of time to freeze so it is easier to prepare each night.

Anyhow, now I am going to write up our grocery list and see what book I can try to read this week...any suggestions?


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