Saturday, October 02, 2010

Milestones...Faith is reaching them!!

I picked Faith up from preschool on Thursday and stuck around until all the other kids were picked up. I wanted to ask about how she was doing, how circle time was going, how snack was working out etc...just to be filled in.

I am so glad that we made the choice to go to this particular preschool instead of the licensed ones we had looked at. I love that I have a great relationship with people here and they will tell me honestly how things are going and what needs to be worked on.

The preschool teacher was so excited to show me something.  They have been working with the Jolly Phonics program to teach the kids what the letters say.  Pooky learned the same thing last year with her and it has helped with her pronounciations now too.

Anyways, she brought out 3 of the posters that she uses and showed the snake to Faith.  She said "Faith, what does an "S" say?" and wiggled her finger...Faith immediately responded with a very quiet "sssssss" while her finger moved around in the air...SHE KNOWS WHAT AN "S" SAYS!!!

This is something they learned 3 weeks ago...and Faith has REMEMBERED it!!  Keep in mind - Faiths brain injury affected her memory function area...this is what we have been told...and yet, she can remember what a "S" says, 3 weeks later...

She showed us the "A" as well, and with a little more help she knows what it says, and the "T" is something they worked on this week...she knows the head motion, but doesn't quite get the sound yet...

I know that I know that I know that we made the right choice...

As parents we really struggle sometimes, or at least I do, when it comes to making those decisions FOR our kids.  I know that I always wonder if my decision has been the right one or is really hard.  So it is nice to see the outcomes of some of the harder choices...and how amazing the outcome is.

The teacher also told us how she helps Faith to sit in the circle at circle time...which Faith would have a really hard time doing...

She gives Faith some of the phonics cards and Faith sorts them over and over again...but she stays in the circle for the required time...which is amazing too.  I am so glad that she is with a teacher who has taken the time to learn what makes her tick. 

I hope this is something that carries on through the whole school system. 

The only real issue/factor that Faith has at preschool is that the supervision level she needs is quite high...she mouths everything, which we knew she would do, to feel the textures, or the taste...that sensory issue that she has.  So this week we are going to send her bracelet along for her to chew on while she is in class...and maybe that will help her focus her attention to things other then "tasting" everything in sight!!

I think one of these days I am going to ask to have Faiths MRI redone...I want to see, for myself, what damage is really there...because my God is big enough to rebuild the brain...He is the one who created it to begin with:-)


  1. This excites my socks off!!!! :)


  2. Our God really is big enough!

    I hope you post about if and when you do have Faith's MRI redone... this is very interesting!

    And yep, WAY TO GO Faith!

    Thanks for sharing. :)