Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday Post

This will be my random post for the week.  I probably have a random post somewhere else, but oh well...I am pretending this is my first one this week:-)

*  We have a new Japanese student for a week.  We have had 2 girls in the past and this is our first time with a boy student.  Maybe we are just lucky, but we have ended up with amazing student experiences.  He is easy going, has a blast with the kids and even reads books to Faith.  He is polite and is very good with english.  It is a nice change to have a boy, and even Mr. H said that it is nice to have another guy in the house...LOL!!

*  We have been working on a spaghetti dinner and silent auction fundraiser for a friend of ours.  She is planning on going to Mexico for the CCSVI procedure to relieve her MS symptoms.  I am amazed at how many people and companies are thrilled to help out with items we are asking for.  We already have spaghetti noodles donated, and a bunch of items for the auction.  We aren't done yet, we are hoping to find 1 or 2 really big auction items that will help more with raising money.

*  Since I set my first goal to stop drinking iced capps, I have only had 1 medium and 1 small one, and I really didn't feel so good afterwards, so I think I am done with them.  I tried to set a no pop goal, but I am not ready for that one yet.  I have cut down a great deal, I am not having pop every day and that is a huge start for me.  My friend and I have decided that we are not going to have fast food anymore.  If we do go out we are going to make wise choices and not just the quick burger from the drive thru.  This way we will save money AND our waists;-)

*  Faith had her follow up check after surgery this week.  The doctor said that her ears have really cleared according to the tests.  I said, she now plugs her ears because our house is so loud, and she is saying so many new words now.  I am glad for this kind of technology that allows a miniscule tube help people hear better.  Absolutely amazing. 

*  Some things funny/cute thinigs I have heard this week are "you are not being a good mother" - after telling the 5 year old to sit down and eat supper, "I think you are not my best sister anymore" - the same 5 year old telling her 8 year old sister this after not getting her way...I think we may have some issues with the 5 year old? LOL!!

*  We have lost Faiths glasses.  Again...but this time we really can't find them.  We are going to have to go back to the store and get them replaced...I would imagine that they have her prescription on file still.  We should buy one of those whistle know, where you whistle and the box beeps?  That may save us a bunch of money at some point...LOL!!

*  This is the outfit 5 year old Pooky chose to wear to school today.  My ever so fashion conscious 12 year old said "Mom, are you really letting her wear that to school?  Really, I think you are letting this go to far".

And now I am done...I can't think of any other random items to put here, so I will sign off for now.  Who knows when I will be back??  LOL!!


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