Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heard on the Radio Tonight...

This is a rant.  Do not read on if you can't handle hearing someone elses opinion.

I heard something on the radio tonight that really disturbed me...

I always have the local christian station on and I listen to whatever is on it, whether it is music, a teaching show or a kids show.  I just like the station and how it can fill me up all the time (I spend a lot of time in the van;-)

So, it was a show about health and healthy living.  I am not living the most healthy life, but I am taking baby steps to change my life for the better.  I am getting there and I am sticking to the little goals that I have been setting, and have been setting new goals when I feel comfortable with reaching a previous one. 

It will be a lifelong journey for me and I know it, I am in it for the long haul. 

I also know that as Christians, we don't all believe the same things.  I know that there are differences between everyone and that is fine.  Some issues just are not heaven or hell things and we can overlook some of them and just learn to love each other.

What I heard tonight really hit me as offensive.  Ridiculously offensive.  I am not one to take offence or get upset too easily, but the way it just slid off the tongue of this speaker just really hit me as "condescendingly offensive".

The first thing that was talked about was how if your bones in your body aren't aligned properly, then God can't flow through you properly (promoting chiropractic care).  And I am here wondering how on earth having my bones aligned properly will allow God to flow better????

I don't see a chiropractor, I would assume that if I did I would be told that there were issues with my spine.  Does that mean that God cannot flow through me? 

How about the person who has cerebral palsy, their limbs may be bent a bit out of line.  Does that mean that God cannot flow through them?

What is this teaching us? All the listeners? I understand that this speaker is selling his "practice" on this show, but how much more disrespectful can someone be? 

Last I checked, God does not physically flow through my body.  He is in my heart and He flows through me in a spiritual way.  I know that God is present in my life.  I know that God is flowing through people who have some form of disability that may affect there spinal line.  I have met these people and I know that this is true.  God does not need you to have straight bones in order to flow through you...

I really hope that people are not believing this crap.

Then, a few minutes later, the speaker was talking about seeing medical doctors...or rather, the idea that if you are living a healthy lifestyle you should not have to see a medical doctor. 

He then said that doctors are a second rate version of God.  That only God can heal people, because He did create people after all. 

I do believe that it is God who heals us.  HOWEVER...the doctors who worked to save my daughters life, the doctors who deliver babies, the doctors who work in the ER...are NOT second rate versions of God.

They are men and women who have an amazing gift and talent that God has built into them.  They are men and women who have decided to use their talents and gifts to make peoples lives better.

They are the people who kept my daughter alive.  God did his job, through the doctors hands.  Everytime we prayed for Faith, and even now when we pray for anyone going for surgery, one of the things we pray is that God direct the hands of the doctors. 

It was not a second rate version of God who saved Faiths life.  It was God working with man to prove that He knows what he is doing. 

The speaker also continued to say that we can make our own decisions about medical doctors, but since he lives such a healthy lifestyle he will never get cancer or even just a small sickness.  And the last time I checked, sickness didn't play favourites to only those who were unhealthy.  I have heard many stories about people who have chosen healthy lifestyles still becoming quite sick. 

We live in a fallen world...bad things happen, and it sucks.

I just really was put off by this speaker and how it was like he was just weaseling and snaking his way through a persons conscience and guilt in order to gain new patients...and I feel bad for people who are not strong enough to see through this and choose this doctor for the simple reason that they say they were on a "Christian" radio station. 

Rant complete...

Disclaimer: If you read this and think that I am pointing you are free to feel that way.  I wrote this post to deal with how I was feeling and I have every right to say what I want.  I am the owner of this space and that is that.


  1. You should contact the radio station directly and give them your rant. You make valid points that should be heard beyond your blog to those who put him on the air.

  2. Wow. I agree with the above comment. You should contact the radio station and with scripture referances, objectively tell them why what this guy is saying is not scriptually sound. I bet you would not be the only one to do this and certainly not the only person who feels this way. I actually felt myself becoming angry reading this. And i am someone who because of an accident, sees a chiro regularily-although I def do not reccomend it to everyone. The chiro helps to decrease the often severe pain I experience daily.It has been a life saver for me. I went just yesterday to my chiro after he had been away on holidays for over 3 weeks. (This is a long time between appts for me).I was in severe pain before the appt and it decreased sig after the appt. But God is NOT "flowing through me" any better todsy than he was for the 3 weeks I was not able to see my chiro.
    Sorry this is so long-I just wanted to say that I came across your blog about a month ago and am ADDICTED to it! I like all the stories about your kids, your decision to follow a healthier lifestyle, and especially about your daughter Faith. I feel happy when she has a good day, (like learning what "S" says. And feel a little sad when she has had another seizure or some other chaleenge. Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us. You are an inspiration.