Tuesday, November 02, 2010

3 years ago, oh how our lives changed:-)

I do these posts over and over again...it is like I relive the moment that my kids were born.  This year, I wrote a poem for Faith, and it really sums up how I feel.  Here on my blog, if people read it on a regular basis, you have joined me on my emotional rollercoasters throughout this past year with Faith. 

We definitely have our ups and downs and we love to celebrate when we are up on that mountain.  We also have learned to navigate our way through the valleys.  I want to say that it is getting easier to go through the times in the valley, but I really can't. 

That is just something that we are going to have to work through each time.  I have an amazing blog post in my head about "Finding Hope Through the Grief" and it will come through, soon I hope:-)  I just have to figure out how or why we can keep going, every time we are knocked down.  I know, it doesn't really make much sense, and even for me it doesn't make sense.  All I know is we get through it all no matter what.

So, instead of reminiscing and dwelling on the initial impact of Faiths birth, I want to share some of the insight we have learned this past year.  My poem was called - And The Teacher is Taught a Lesson, here are some of the lessons my child has taught me...

  • No matter how grim the diagnosis (or vague), we have learned that nurture trumps nature in our circumstance
  • We choose our own path in life, when given the set of directions (bad news, bad situations etc) we make a decision to set us back or to push us to strive more
  • The ending has never been written, we are the authors of our lives
  • Gods plan is always greater then ours - even when we think He is on break, He is exactly where He needs to be
  • No one knows it all.  We are all learning on this journey; from parents, to kids, to doctors etc...none of us have (or will) arrive
  • We need to celebrate the little things in life.  It helps our glasses to defog enough that we can see we are not alone
  • And we really are not alone.  We may have a different circumstance compared to someone else, but the feelings are the same.  The emotions are the same. 
  • Life is worth celebrating.  They crying is ok, the emotions are ok...but don't forget to celebrate THROUGH any circumstance:-)
Anyhow, I gotta run for the day.  Happy Birthday to Faith...she's come a long way baby!!


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