Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Christmas Cards Made Easy!!

When I was growing up my family always did a "Christmas letter" that was sent to all the family and friends.  It was basically an update about our year, and each of us kids.  My parents still do this letter now, and it includes the grandkids too:-)

When we were first married, we did something similar.  I even kept it up for many years...then we had more kids, and more kids and more...yeah that many!!  I have way too much going on now to work on writing a letter.  Usually when I do try it ends up becoming a spring letter. 

This year, we are going to try something different...since we had our family pics done by an amazing friend (and I LOVE how they captured the essence that is our family:-).  We are going to order personalized holiday cards from Shutterfly Cards.

We have never ordered these before, and I am really looking forward to using them this year and making my life easier:-)

I especially like the Christmas photo cards, there are so many great designs to choose from.  That will be the hardest part of picking what I really want.  They have some that you can put multiple pictures on and others where it is kept pretty simple by just having the one big pic. 

So far, I really like the Kaleidoscope Noir Holiday Card but I haven't made up my mind fully.  Our family picture is in a pumpkin patch, so we need to find a card that is colour neutral to that setting.

I will have to let you all know which one we end up choosing.  Any input from those who have used Shutterfly before would be great! 


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