Friday, November 12, 2010

Aquafresh Advanced Giveaway

Last night was my graduation.  It was the first time I have ever walked across the stage, I was in Alberta for my high school grad.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal to not be there, but after last night I can see that it really is.  It felt odd, being older and graduating, but I felt a sense of accomplishment.  I started something and followed it through.  I finished!!  I am now working and am thoroughly enjoying my work.

After I received my certificate and a list of the modules in the course, with my marks, comments were made.  What?   Your lowest mark was an 85?  How could you have gone so low?  (All joking, obviously).  Then to my children - How are you going to live up to these marks???  LOL!!

It made me think of how proud I am of my kids.  My kids are the kind that are going to go far in life.  Yes, I can brag on them all I want here, it is my space, right?  My kids seem to know that to make money they need to work for it.  They don't complain about not having the latest things (all the time;-) and they all have goals for their futures.  My oldest is already beginning to acheive his goal at the age of 15~he wants to be a chef and he scored a job in a very, very nice restaurant in town.  He is working alongside some very talented chefs and is doing more then just dishes (he has even made head cheese-eww...).

I have learned that it doesn't matter what society labels someone, it is in our own ballpark to change that label and use that label to make it work for us. 

A quote used at my graduation last night, now one of my favourite quotes

We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give -Winston Churchill
Aquafresh is having the "Aquafresh Advanced Futures Wish"  with a prize of $10,000 towards your childs RESP.

The Aquafresh team is dedicated to making products that help keep our mouths healthy and protected. They
are a trusted name in providing dental protection for ourselves and our families. Aquafresh Advanced, an
enamel strengthening formula, contains active fluoride which penetrates deep into tooth enamel to strengthen
teeth from the inside out – for strong, healthy-looking teeth for a lifetime.(with regular brushing and professional dental care)
Share your wish at Aquafresh for a chance to WIN a $10,000 RESP, courtesy of the New Aquafresh Advanced!"

Contest closes November 30th, 2010

Sometimes the brushing habit can be hard to establish.  Here are a few tips to try out with your kids to make brushing a positive and enjoyable experience:
o Make it a habit. Children should get into a healthy routine of brushing after breakfast and before bed. They should brush for at least two minutes so that the fluoride has time to work.
o Limit the amount of toothpaste. Children under 6 years of age don’t need more than a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to clean effectively. This will also help that tube last a little longer!
o Be supportive. Up until first grade or later, kids will need supervision and coaching to brush
properly. Make brushing more fun by playing or singing a favorite song, setting a timer to count
down two minutes, or offering to read a favorite story as a reward.
My readers are invited to participate in an Advanced Futures giveaway on this blog.

o One lucky reader will receive a Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush valued at $70(MSRP) and a

sample of Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste!
o Contests is open until November 22nd

All you have to do for your FIRST and MANDATORY entry is:
Leave me a comment sharing your toothbrushing tips and tricks for kids in order to receive your entry

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• Disclosure - I am participating in the Aquafresh Advanced Futures program by Mom Central on behalf of GSK. I received a sample of Aquafresh Advanced and gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. We like to make it fun for the kids....I used to sing to them while they were brushing their teeth to make sure they did it for a long enough period of time...then I would go over their teeth myself.
    Now we have a timer to make sure that they brush for at least 2 minutes.

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  3. Let your kid pick out their own toothbrush & toothpaste,they`ll want to use "cool" ones more often then "boring" old toothbrushes & toothpaste!

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  10. Each child picks a song and the others sing while one brushes so we are guarateed 2-3 min of brushing. Usually taking turns is not always time efficient (6 kids takes like 25 minutes) so lately each kid gets one night to pick a song and mama does a super silly version to make it fun. Works for us :)

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  13. I tell them that if the teeth are rotten from lack of brushing the toothfairy won't take (buy) them.

  14. we threaten that all their teeth with rot and fall out :)


  15. I always sang the round and round song with them till they learnt how and how long

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  23. We get our kids to hum a song while they brush their teeth.

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