Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift of All!!

This is our Grace.  She is the best Christmas gift we could have.  She was born on December 22, 2001.  Just over a year after we lost Angel.  There was a peace when she showed up. Our first baby born at home.  Our long awaited and much anticipated, healthy baby.

She is growing into such an amazing little lady!  She is caring, compassionate, goofy, silly, loving and tenderhearted.  She cares about everyone and everything around her and has such a zest for life.

Grace is becoming a wonderful artist.  This is a new skill that she has found and is working hard on perfecting.  She loves to spend time drawing pictures and is starting to create more detail in her work.  We are enjoying the creations that she makes and so are some others who are fortunate enough to have a picture shared with them.

Grace is finding her own sense of style now.  She is getting older and is very confident with anything she chooses to wear.  She chose this hat on one of our trips to the mall...she had a whole store to choose from and this was her choice.  She has a wonderful fashion sense that is her own.  She also loves to help others, Grace feels such a sense of being by helping someone with a craft, or by opening a door.  She thrives in this area.
Happy Birthday Grace!!  Life wouldn't be the same without you in our family.  We love the humour and compassion you bring to us.  You have an amazing outlook on life and will go far with your amazing attitude!!  We love you lots:-)


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