Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A girl who knows what she wants...

This is my spunky girl, Hope, she is 5 years old
Hope is our 4th child.  She is 5 years old and is definitely a girly girl...she does NOT get that from me, it is just an inborn thing...or something like that.

Hope has such a spunky personality.  I use the term spunky, but really I mean "stubborn", "hard headed", "strong-willed"...you get my point.  Spunky.

She is the one child that I have the hardest time dealing with.  She is our daddy's girl...She will say anything to make him happy:-) (even that she likes the Habs...booo!)
Choosing which earrings to buy

Dancing to the song on the radio
Today I took her out shopping for the Christmas gifts for everyone.  We went to the dollar store, because she would have a huge selection.  I think she was just too excited to even think about what people wanted, I would tell her a name and she would grab the first thing she saw on the shelf.  We were done in 15 minutes!!  I think the older kids will have fun with her choices still, and it is something she will be excited to see the others opening.
Can this be her future but   
with more teeth?
 I think she just soaked up the one on one time with me.  It isn't often that I get to treat her to a morning out, even if it only takes 15 minutes.  I was thinking that maybe she was having behavioural issues because when she was just 2, a time when she needed us, we were busy at the hospital so much with Faith.  We thought, because she was so young, she wouldn't notice, but I think the opposite happened.  Life happens and you gotta go with the flow...so I think we are going to start setting up regular dates with her, while she seems to need a bit more...
She loved the idea that we went away on a family trip and spent
some special time with just the older ones - and she was older!

After our shopping trip, I told Hope that we get to stop for a treat on the way home.  I offered to buy her an Egg Nog milkshake from McD's, because of how much she loves egg nog...she said no.  So, next I suggested a McFlurry...that is a huge treat.  She wasn't interested in that either.  Instead, this time, I asked her what she wanted. 

She said she wanted Fruitopia.  Yup, that is what she asked for.  Out of the whole menu. Fruitopia.  I asked her if she was sure, I mean, there was ice cream, and stuff, and she chose Fruitopia.  I said, ok that is what we will get.  Then she said...

And a burger too, actually...a happy meal!!  I want a toy!! 

This is my Hopie, she knows what she wants...and how to get it!!


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