Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I Gotta Feeling...That Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night!!

Yup, it is FINALLY here!!  The Big Mereadesso twitter party!! 

If you look just a few posts down, you will find this Twitter Party announcement post.

My household has been hit by the yucky flu bug over the last few days and I have decided that I am NOT going to get sick...if I did, it would be hard to hang out at #mereadesso tonight, so I have chosen to stay away from the sick ones;-)

So, I am going to be well, and am going to have some fun...

Did you hear that there are $2000 worth of prizes to be won?

And there is a GRAND GRAND PRIZE worth $600?  That is HUGE!!    It is a 1 year supply of Neck and Face Toning Gel!!

So, pass this on to all your friends and readers, and I hope to see you all there!!  And if you have never participated in a Twitter party before, and would like to try this one out, you can feel free to DM me and ask any questions you may have!!  I LOVE TWITTER PARTIES!!


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