Friday, December 17, 2010

The Really Late Birthday Post!!

This post comes a month after the party, but my life seems to be months behind always!!

Cheerios sent us this amazing box of party supplies: crayons, a pad of paper, cereal, a cd and coupons, plus other things...

The kids all had a blast...we have the coolest group of kids around!!

The Birthday girl...she is so proud to be 3!!

Our attempt at a Cheerios cake...It actually turned out really nice, our friend helped out with it too:-)

Fine motor programming, but they will never know it!!  Cheerios on licorice string!!

Love this action shot!!  The kids loved playing freeze dance towards the end of the party!!

Even Faith got into the freeze dance action!!

We ended with face painting...

The whole gang:-)  Notice my wonderfully happy girls in the picture...while everyone else smiles, they are just grumpy...

 We had a blast and want to thank Cheerios for sending us the great supplies to have this fun party!!


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