Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dinner Conversations

Keri was sooo embarassed that I made her stand in front of this display...
she really doesn't like him, but it was a great photo op:-)
I love that we have a big family. Our lives are always going in one direction or another, and for the most part we love that.

One of my favourite things about my family are the coversations that randomly arise.

Take tonight, for instance. We all sat down for dinner together, which hasn't been happening so much lately. One of the things my kids love about the Christmas season is the egg nog, or egganogga, as Hope would say.

My 12 year old, being the thinker she is, asks the question "how do you say nog in french"?

My hubby responded, its on the carton. So, Keri looks and says "lait de la poule" and then says "but chickens don't have milk". This is where I threw in, with a straight face, that chickens have breasts, so obviously they would have milk.

The kids nearly killed themselves laughing. Keri next says, through bursts of laughter, "can you picture a chicken being milked?" And she just couldn't stop laughing.

At some point during the conversation Keri also reminded us that chickens don't really have balls...which is another blog in itself.

I know this post shows you how amazing we are as parents...and this is the upcoming generation.

You're welcome;-)


  1. We've laughed at the very same thing... Chicken Milk! But we never went so far as to make the connection with milking chickens! That's GREAT!

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with my youngest, MrCutie, when he was about 4 or 5. He's quite an affectionate kiddo, and somehow we were talking about chicken fingers and how chickens don't really have fingers. Then something came up about chicken lips. I said, "Chickens don't have lips." And MrCutie, incredulous, said, "Then how do they smooch?" LOL!

    Another conversation with my 11yo daughter, Sweetheart, about a month ago... I was at Wal-Mart with all 3 kiddos and we wanted to buy some hot dogs. My Sweetie can't have pork, so we were deciding between beef and chicken hotdogs. The package of chicken hot dogs said, "Chicken Wieners." My daughter leaned over to me to whisper in my ear, out of earshot of her younger brothers, "Mom, I didn't think chickens had wieners." We had a hard time containing our giggles so as to keep the boys from becoming interested in our conversation - it wasn't exactly what we wanted to be discussing in the lunch meat aisle at Wal-Mart!

  2. Very funny! Laughing so hard I'm coughing. Shared with my 19 y/o DS, he's grinning, too.

    (headed over here from Sweet Mummy's site)