Thursday, January 06, 2011

Procrastination is my Middle Name...

I have too much stuff.  I have always been a collector.  I am not the most motivated person.  I really, I mean REALLY dislike cleaning.  I enjoy cooking but keep getting stuck on the same meals that I don't feel like cooking...

My house is cluttered, and I really don't like that.  I feel like all that happens in our house is cleaning, and I want to do so much more with the kids and enjoy these times while they are home.

So, one of my goals for this year is household organization.  I really need to organize my house better and get rid of some unneeded items.  I always have these wonderful ideas and ideals but I procrastinate so much that I never get close to finishing them...

I work in a group home and I really like the system that they have there.  They have a communication binder where all the chores for the day are listed.  Each week, on each day they have the same chores, so once in the routine, you just know that on Sunday you put out the garbage and on Friday you wash the bedding etc...I want to do that at our house.  I really crave that organization and non-chaotic environment.  So...I am going to set some goals, I want to get there this year.  I want to have my house in the condition that I feel better about. 

The steps I am going to take to get there are:
  • Start one task at a time and complete it before starting the next task
  • Get rid of things on weekly basis - we seem to have a lot of things coming in and nothing going out
  • Enjoy the small accomplishments, reward ourselves for organizing an area
  • Set up a calendar of regular jobs to be done each day/week/month
  • Set up a laundry schedule, 1 person each day and linens/towels on weekends
  • Start a menu plan and shopping list again
This is my start...Any suggestions or advice for a procrastinator like myself?


  1. I won't say that I love cleaning...but, I love clean! So, I am a bit of a neat freak and try to be as organized as possible. A couple suggestions that work for me...

    1. I "commercial clean" when I'm watching television. Every commercial I get up and put something away, throw in a load of clothes, dust get the picture.

    2. I go through the mail every day and throw away any junk mail, bills all go in one place in my desk drawer and magazines go in a place in our bedroom. About every other month I go through magazines, tear out recipes etc. and throw the mags away.

    3. I change sheets every Sunday. I also really clean one day a week (for me it is Friday mornings) and the rest of the week I just have to pick up.

    4. Never go to bed with dirty dishes. It is always worse in the morning.

    Once you get things organized and tidy, it is really much easier to keep things that way. I pick up before I go to bed so that I don't start my day with a mess.

    Good luck! You can do it!

  2. I love organizing shows and books and blogs but I rarely get it right in real life. I also desire to be more organized... I used to be.... prior to the 4th child arriving and before living in an unfinished house...

    I do love this blog and have followed it for YEARS!!! I got to meet her at Blissdom Canada and we even shared a GM car to an event.

    I got the idea for the kids bag hanging area from her.

  3. I hate cleaning, I have never been excited about routines, etc.... But I know it is all necessary. I use FlyLady stuff usually.

    I think my middle name must be 'distracted'. LOL!

  4. Newest follower- The best cure may be to involve your family in your problem. Make it a family goal to not procrastinate. To get it started, give a $1 to a kid the next 10 times they catch you procrastinating. If they procrastinate, they have to give it back.


  5. No advice but I am cheering for you!
    I have been trying to organize my house but it feels like 2 steps forward and 5 steps back...and I only have 3 little kids! We recently got rid of a ton of stuff and gave the basement to the kids so all the toys stay down there...and we have a shoe box by the door...that all I got! Let me know what you come up with!