Monday, February 07, 2011

It's All About Community!!

I learned about this great contest that ddrops is sponsoring, with the prize being a sponsorship to Blissdom Canada in 2011!! I am so excited to have decided to attend Blissdom Canada this year and this is a great opportunity for me to win a sponsorship!!

The question is: How does the mom blogging community have a positive impact on the health of Canadians.

I think the answer is right there. Community!!

The mom blogging community has had such a huge impact in my own life. I started blogging in 2006. I just celebrated my 5 year “blogiversary” and as I was looking over my posts I can see how much I have come through. Not on my own. I had others to encourage me and help guide me through my journey. From the sadness that life brings to the celebrations of life, my blogging friends have been with me, some since the beginning and others I am just meeting for the first time.

The opportunities for learning are astronomical! When I don’t know about something I can blog about it, tweet it out (because Twitter is starting to become fun, tweet me @momsmusings) or post questions on Facebook (Mom's Musings) there are people there to respond! Lessons to learn from others, experiences to share and even a shoulder to cry on (not literally, but you know what I mean).

Personally, in the last month, I have been able to connect with some other moms who are experiencing similar health issues with their kids as I am with mine. I have learned about different medications to treat seizures, different types of seizures to watch for and different medication protocols. Most of all, what I have found helpful in this past month, is the experience of these other moms and children in the school system. This is the year that Faith will be heading to Junior Kindergarten and I love that I can have some insight into what we may be facing with this transition.

If it weren’t for this amazing community, I would never have met some amazing women who have changed my views and my perspective.

So, how does the mom blogging community have a positive impact in the health of Canadians?

It is all about friendships. It is all about honest reviews and advice. It is all about helping and caring for others.


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  1. Great post, and it's so true. The support that is offered through bloggy friends, twitter, facebook and other online connections can just make the hard times seem so much easier.
    These people who we get close with, they're real friends. And attending things like Blissdom Canada? Well.. It's a great way for us to add layers to those friendships and connections.
    Great post and GOOD LUCK!!! Maybe I'll get a chance to meet you.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Great post. I have an entry on my blog too! Good luck and hope to see you at Blissdom!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more! Great post. I have an entry on my blog too! Good luck and hope to see you at Blissdom!

  4. Thank you for entering the Ddrops Bliss contest. This is a great post about the benefits of online communities, and that definitely includes health tips and information. Good luck in the contest.

    Nat Bourre on behalf of the Ddrops team

  5. You are so right on! Community is what it felt like after Blissdom Canada last year. We all long to belong!!

  6. You are so right, community is so important to all of us and it's what Blissdom canada felt like after last year. We all have a deep desire to belong!