Saturday, February 05, 2011

Living Life for the Future

The sparkles attacked me when they did my snowflake:-) 

This is a midnight rambling post...I really should go to bed, but I need to get this out first.

Sometimes it is really hard to watch when others get things that you want so badly.  Especially when it is constantly pointed out.  I admit, I get jealous and envious.  I am human:-) 

I know that it isn't right to compare lives, or be jealous of others accomplishments.  I sometimes think that our family has worked so hard and we haven't been able to enjoy travelling, or the latest greatest gadget or the biggest house. 

I am glad when others get there, I do rejoice with them, and it is real. 

I have decided that I am going to look at our life a different way.

My new motto in life is:
We are living life for the future, not for the moment. 

This means:
  • Be happy with what you have
  • Know you are building a future
  • Living for the moment only lasts for a moment
  • I want my life to have more substance then a mere moment
  • I want my kids to appreciate life
  • Everything we are doing here and now - paying off debt instead of going on vacation, working a few more hours to save for an awesome family trip etc - is going to help us acheive our dream future and let us build some amazing memories along the way
It is way too late for me to be blogging, but I just had to share this...another human post here:-)


  1. Ruth, the more I work with people who have nothing the less I need or want. I know that God is in control and sustains me and if I never visit fancy places or have what my friends have. I have more than most. I have a roof over my head plenty to eat and people who love me. My homeless clients tell me all the time they have no friends or family.

  2. I hear ya girl :)
    We too have chosen to pay off debt instead of incurring more and it does feel at times like you watch a lot of "moments" pass you by.
    I DO believe for a better season!...also recognizing that right here, right now I am surrounded by too many blessings to name. Hugs.

  3. I have felt the same as you many times. Sometimes people, even Christians, can get caught up in that striving for the 'good life' stuff. You are so right we should be content with what we have but we can also enjoy the occasional day trip or aim for the lower tier gadget, price-wise, too.