Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swiss Chalet Mom Influencer!

I was introduced, just recently to a great online mom site called EverythingMom.  I filled in the application to be a Mom Influencer for Swiss Chalet and was so surprised and excited that I had been chosen!!  So were my family meant Swiss for dinner for them!

I received a $50 eGift card to use with their online ordering form, and let me tell you, that site is set up very well!!  It was so easy to navigate around the site, even my kids could do it!!  Though, they may order all the desserts if I let them have their way.

We have never ordered Swiss Chalet as take out and don't go there often, because, well...we have 2 kids who don't know how to sit still and behave appropriately in a restaurant setting.  So we were excited to try this as an at home meal, that we didn't have to phone in the order for.

The perks of blogging:-)  I am loving the fact that I didn't have to
make supper! (I really don't make supper most nights;-)
We ordered the Family Pack.  We had the choice to cut a whole chicken in quarters, leave it whole or have 6 dark quarters.  Being a bigger family we chose the last option.  Then we were each able to pick our own sides.  For dinner, there were me and my hubby, and the 2 older kids and the 2 younger kids.  Our middle child is on vacation with her Grandma and cousin.

The contents of the bag.  Steaming hot and ready to eat!!
Me and Kerbear picked the baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, and the guy picked the spicy fries.  For the younger girls we picked a kids meal, which came with 2 mini burgers and fries and they were able to share that (both very small eaters).
The kids were excited to have something that wasn't a cheap burger!
 The younger ones were thrilled that they got m&m's with their meal, and the toy and a Toy's R' Us gift card too...they cleaned up!  There was such a large serving of fries for the guys, that the hubby thought it was for all of us to share!!
Nice serving sizes...and we each got to order the side we wanted!
 We each got to pick what kind of bun we wanted, which was nice.  Everyone picked white and I picked multigrain. (I am on a multigrain kick, so it is nice to have that option.)
Neither of the younger girls eat much, so they shared a kids meal...
When getting ready to order, all I had to do was input my location information and pick which restaurant we wanted to order from.  We chose to do pickup instead of delivery, since hubby was on his way home anyways.  It only took 30 minutes (or so) for it to be ready and when he picked up the order was ready to go, with no mistakes!! 

She quickly shoved her fork in her mouth for the picture...
oh to be 12 again!!
We also had enough money left to order a dessert for each of us.  There were 2 chocolate cakes, 1 cheesecake with strawberry sauce, 1 pecan pie and 1 apple pie. 

What is Swiss Chalet without the chocolate cake?  Yup, we are
crazy and ordered sugar for dessert!!

The total for our order came to $57.55 which isn't bad, considering we fed 6 people, with dessert, and it wasn't fast food junk!! 

When I attempted to pay online, with the eGift card, it didn't recognize the number.  I am not sure if that is because of a typing error on my part, or if it was because it didn't cover the total amount of the dinner.  Either way, we were able to print off the eGift card and show it to the cashier in person, and it was accepted there.  

The perk to ordering online, as opposed to ordering over the phone, is that we can look at our options (for us visual people it is awesome) and make the decisions without having to have the options repeated.  We could make a choice and change it right up until we ordered!!

I want to thank EverythingMom and Swiss Chalet for choosing us to be a part of this Mom Influencer program.  We all enjoyed the meal and the ease with which we could order it. 

EverythingMom will be running an online chat talking about family meals and family time. Everyone who participates in the chat has a chance of winning 1 of 2 $50 eGift Cards to Swiss Chalet.

"As part of a Mom Influencer program with EverythingMom, I was offered a $50 eGift Card from Swiss Chalet in order to experience their online order system and share my dining experience with you."