Friday, February 18, 2011

We Day!!!

Hey, I am Kerbear and I am 12. I am not really into this blogging stuff, but my mom made me (thanks mom).
It was so exciting going into the auditorium with 6000 other kids!

Anyways I am going to write about We Day and my expierence. I was one of the few students selected from my school to participate, I was all for it because it was a full day off of school. We left school and headed to the Kitchener aud. It took us a while to get into the building because thre was soooooo many buses. When we finally got inside the auditorium it was an outburst of screaming from thousands of kids from so many different schools. There were around 6 000 kids attending We Day in total.
I am really concerned about Global Warming and that is what he talked about

There were many speakers like Al Gore (EX-Vice President of the "UNITED STATES"). He talked about Global Issues like global warming and how it is affecting our world. Which is an issue that I personally agree with and how people really should start paying attention to.
I couldn't imagine how he felt after he realized he shot his best friend

Another speaker that really got me thinking was Michel Chikwanine. He lived in the Congo and at the age of 5 he was "recruited" as a child soldier ( not by his own choice). He got blind folded and he was handed a gun. They forced him to pull the trigger and when he took off the blind fold he looked in front of him and saw his best friend lying there dead. They FORCED him to kill his best friend. That story really touched me and made me realize that child slavery is another problem that really should be dealt with. These were just some of the inspirational speakers who appeared at the We Day in our region. They are also running a program for 50 kids to go to India or Kenya and help out with global issues like hunger and for people that were homeless.

Shawn Desman was a highlight, we are doing a dance to the song Electric
Now getting to the most EXCITING part of We Day the celeberity appearences. The first celeberity was Shawn Desman. I can only think of one word to describe that performance...AMAZING!!! Since I had floor seats and lets just say I am not the tallest person ever it was kind of hard for me to see the stage. The next performance was the Barenaked Ladies, not trying to be rude to all those fans out there, but me and my friends agree that wasn't the highlight of we day. I think that was mostly for the teachers. The last preformance was Stereo. Unlike the Barenaked Ladies their music was upbeat and energetic....thank goodness!!

Stereo had a great performance, it was cool to see them live in concert for free
So thank you all for reading my very first and probaly last blog post ever. For more info about We Day you could probaly find some if you type in We Day in your search bar???


  1. WOW, that sounds like a GREAT day! Would have been cool to see Al Gore and Bare Naked Ladies (well, for me anyway!). What a neat opportunity you had, Kerbear! So excited for you! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. i would of cryed if i heard his story, i sort of am right now... remember we heard the three best friends sing from the congo at shining star too!!

  3. it sounds like a really cool experience for you! Thanks for telling us all about it :)

  4. Awesome that you were chosen to go. Al Gore is a good speaker. The story of the boy is heartbreaking and makes me angry to hear such things happening.
    Glad you enjoyed your full day off school and trust this was a thought changing experience that sticks with you. Be a world changer, heaven knows the world needs it.

  5. I so wish my kids had been able to go, what an amazing once in a lifetime event!!

    Thanks for sharing it with us.