Friday, April 29, 2011

Yummy, Affordable, Recipes Blog Hop - Guest Post

Please welcome my friend Cheri, who blogs at Cheri and Family.  We go way back;-)  I love how our relationship has grown in the last few years and I have learned that she is someone that I can always turn to when I need to vent, figure something out, or just have some fun.  I love stalking her (really, that was a fun day;-) and I love that we can be open and honest about situations and neither of us gets offended.  I am glad that she is a part of our lives!  Thanks Cheri for being one of those friends who makes me feel like I am not that crazy, you are just as crazy along with me;-)  PLEASE show Cheri some love and link up a recipe (or 20) and don't forget to leave a comment/go and visit her too:-)  Thanks for guest posting!!
I often joke with people that the way to my hubby's heart is definitely through his stomach...but he married someone that can't cook. Perhaps "can't" is too strong. He married someone that rarely cooks. For years, hubby has done the majority of the cooking since his job allowed him to be home by 2:30 each day; almost 3 hours ahead of myself. This has resulted in numerous family jokes about my ability to cook, or about anything I cook, as well as my daughter growing up thinking that "daddy's do all the cooking."

Over the last couple of years, I've been trying to cook more often. I've reduced my hours at work which allows me twice a week to be home before hubby. I've enjoyed looking at magazines, recipe books, and websites searching for new recipes to try, Some a huge success, others...not so good.

I know Ruth too is always on the look out for new yummy, affordable, easy to make recipes, so I thought it would be fun to do a recipe blog hop. If you would like to share a recipe, add a link to your recipe blog post below. I know Ruth (and I) will enjoy visiting all your blogs for some great menu ideas.

Join the Bloghop fun and share this link on your blog! You will be able to see all the links that get posted and I will see the links that come in from your page. It will be like a "virtual recipe book"!!

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    Just link your recipe up in a comment. Here is my recipe.

    Bean It up Salsa