Thursday, October 06, 2011

The One Where Reality Kicks My Butt!!

We had gone for at least a month without a seizure.  Probably even more then a month.

Last week, Faith had a very small, focal seizure while I was away in Toronto for a social media conference.  Pete texted me to let me know and I was kind of sad about it...she had gone sooo long!! 

But we were hoping that it was just a fluke and that the new medication really was the miracle we were hoping for. 

Then today happened.  Faith was up at an ungodly hour this morning, she tore the girls room apart and was quite aggressive towards her sister.  But she was fine, and in good spirits when it was time to get on the bus. 

She didn't cry getting on the bus and off she went.  I wrote a note to the teacher to keep an eye on her because of the odd morning. 

Then I got a phone call.  Faith had some facial twitching and staring and then threw up at snack time.  She was sleepy and lethargic.  The teachers said they had started watching her when she became very pale and they became concerned.  Everything fell apart after that.

It is the first "at school" seizure.  We had to review the protocol for her Lorazepam and I am going to have to fill out some new forms allowing them to administer it rectally during a bad seizure.  I also realized that it is easier telling people the protocol, I have to get better at writing it out...

That day has come...

The one where reality hits me again.  I almost expect that one of these days I get knocked over and won't be able to get up...

But for now I push on, and I take it day by day...


  1. I knew something was up when I called!! :(

  2. I'm so sorry Ruth :( Reality kicked my butt today too.

  3. We are so sad to read this post Ruth :( good luck with everything!

  4. Oh that totally sucks. If you can find one silver lining (hard to do when it involves a child not well) is that you do know the signs that one may be happening, and you were able to alert them about it beforehand. And that the amount of seizures has decreased significantly. Not much shine to that silver..sorry, but a vast improvement regardless. (((HUGS))) for you to lift you up.