Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thanksgiving...What are YOU thankful for?

We always hear the normal thankfuls - Thankful for my family, my house, my job, my life, my ability to wake up breathing everyday...and these are great things to be thankful for.

Today I was reminded of something else that I am thankful for. 

If you have never read our story about Faith, click her name to check it out...

check it out

McDonalds gets a lot of flack.  I understand that they may not be the healthiest place in the world (what is healthier then having good, homecooked meals?) but they are life savers when we need to eat in a pinch!

McDonalds does a lot of great community and charity work too...

And today I was reminded about this:-) 

When Faith was born she was at McMaster Hospital, about one hour out of town for us.  She was there for an entire month.  The first 2 weeks we didn't know if Faith was going to live or not, and we had the pleasure of staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton.

I will never forget the feeling of relief, knowing that we were a short, 5 minute walk away from our daughter.

I will never forget talking to the other parents there, one of them had a daughter with a feeding tube and many of the issues we were told to expect with Faith.  That relationship, though it was just short and for the moment, made me see that it didn't matter how the cards fell with Faith.  Her daughter was so happy and well adjusted, and though she couldn't sit or stand or talk, her face was filled with joy and delight!  As was her moms.
Community living room where we were able to connect with other parents
I needed that.

At the Ronald McDonald House we were all like a small family.  We had chore charts, so there was never a lot for one person to do, we had our own fridge space, our own cupboards for food, there were certain nights (most nights) set up with local restaurants who provided meals free of charge.  We weren't always able to prepare our own meals because of the time restraints that were on us at the time. 

Like I said.  A God-Send!!

Our 4 older children were not able to go into the NICU to meet Faith, because of our families decision regarding immunizations at the time, and they felt really left out.  We felt completely disconnected from them while we were in Hamilton for 2 weeks. 

We were able to have them come and stay with us for a weekend.  That weekend we completely focussed on them.  We didn't even go to the hospital (only in the evening to sing Faith to sleep:-) and it was Pete who went. 

I will never forget laying in the beds in our room and having the talk with the kids.  The talk that involved tears, and fear and faith.  The discussions about how we would all feel if Faith died.  Those talks that we never imagine having with our kids, about their sister.  We talked about how God was in control, but sometimes bad things just happened. 

And we cried.  And we loved on them.  And we told them that we were praying for and believing for a miraculous outcome. 

And Ronald McDonald House helped to orchestrate that for us. 

They also helped provide us with toys for the kids and directions and maps to a movie theater.  We took the kids out and rode the bus in Hamilton, we went to watch a movie together, we enjoyed supper together (both in the house and out).  The kids loved playing in the backyard at the house.

I don't think I have ever done a thank you post to them so here it is, 4 years later. 

Ronald McDonald House will always have a part of our hearts...

When you think about charitable donations, this year and next year and forever, please consider donating to them.  They do what they do and they do it well...(click the picture for the link to their site)

We love eating at McDonalds, our kids love the treat and it is nice to know that a portion of what we spend there goes towards such amazing programs!!  (Check out the link...they are a part of WAY MORE then just the Ronald McDonald Houses!!)

Thanks McDonalds for doing what you do and for being such a big part of peoples lives!!

**I was NOT paid to write this post, I love what McDonalds does for their communities and this is all about how they impacted our lives**


  1. Beautiful post Ruth and so appropriate at thanksgiving!

  2. Awesome post Ruth! It was incredible to be able to come down there and visit you in "your new home" while Faith was fighting for her life. They are a blessing.

    There's way more to McDonald's than just a burger and fries.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. this is a great post Ruth- I love what the Ronald McDonald house does for families. I'm so glad they were there for you during that time!

  4. Wow, I have tears once again! Its the little things that we take for granted in life that usually get over looked or forgotten when thinking about just what we are thankful. I am thankful for you Ruth, and for our friendship. Its nice to know that whenever I need a friend, I can come to you. Whenever I need a break from the North, I have a place to go. I love you and your whole family and I am thankful that you chose me to share them with.