Thursday, December 08, 2011

Happy 11th Birtday Angel!!

11 years ago today our baby girl was born to Heaven.
It has been interesting seeing how we have evolved through our grief, since this is something that the whole family has grieved differently.

I think we made the right choice to make sure we include her and remember her with the whole family.  Even the girls who were born after her.

They take so much pride in knowing and saying that they have another sister and they still correct us if we don't acknowledge her as one of their sisters.

Some years we have celebrated at the gravesite and other years we have celebrated at home.

This year is a gravesite year.

We are getting ready to head to the cemetery now to enjoy our cupcakes and to let our balloons fly up to her (I know this is not reality, but the kids love it:-).  We will sing happy birthday and stop to remember some of the other babies that we know are buried around her.

This is how we celebrate.

11 years ago, our lives changed and our hearts grew stronger.

And if it weren't for Angel, our family would not have become who we are today...


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