Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My blogging life with P

werd up sons.  My name is Brad and I help Ruth with her blog.  She thinks i actually know what i'm doing but i don't.  I just kinda sit around and chat with her and click on stuff, and it kinda just ends up how it ends up.

she really likes it right now so i don't really have much to do tonight!! woot!! so i get my very own blog post; now give me your sample shampoos! :D

it's really hard not to swear or be vulgar... sooo many rules. i prefer behind the scenes.  Ruth is all anxious that i'll say something detrimental to her rep so it's really tempting to say something funny.

conveniently, i've been working on my pg-13 jokes; it's all in the delivery...
- Whatchya call a Grizzly Bear with no teeth?  ...  a gummy bear
- Why did the baby strawberry cry?  ... cuz his mom was stuck in a jam :(


ok, well apparently we're gonna make an About Me box now.

happy blogging!


  1. I'm totally telling my 6yo those jokes...he'll love them :)