Friday, August 31, 2012

Heelys Review

Have you seen the newest Heelys?
They have some very cute styles and even have adult sizes!!
Now us parents can enjoy rolling around, just like the kids:-)
We received this pair that is for my 10 year old (for her birthday, shhhh... it's a surprise!)
These shoes have never gone out of style and have always been a hot topic in our house.  Even my nephew is asking for a pair for his birthday (even before he knew that we had received a pair!)
I KNOW that Grace will just love them!  She has tried out a pair from one of her friends and had a hard time giving them
And because they are a surprise for Grace, I had her sister, Keri, try them out instead, while Grace is out of town;-) (see, I am sneaky like this!)

Keri wasn't thrilled that I was taking her picture, but she let me get one of her from behind:-)
She was a little shaky at first, but really enjoyed trying them out, with a little practice I know that she would love a pair too!!
Heelys has a great page with some tips for first time skaters and to learn some great tips and tricks to using the shoes.  Heelys Trictionary
You can follow the newest trends and styles on the Heelys Facebook Page
You can also see some great videos at the Heelys Youtube Page
And you can keep up with all their tweets at the Heelys Twitter Page
Have your kids ever had a pair of Heelys?
What kinds of tricks can your kids do?
Would you, as an adult, buy a pair just for yourself?
Definitely a great way to get more activitiy in our lives, that's for sure!!


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