Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween is Creeping (ugh) Up!!

Punny title, eh?

Is this the same dog??
My kids are talking all about Halloween right now.  What are they going to dress up as, how much candy are they going to get, who are they going to trick or treat with?

PET TIP #1 - Of all candy, chocolate is one of the most toxic for pets – which also happens to be very popular around Halloween. Keep your pets away from the candy bowl and trick-or-treat bags off the floor to avoid choking hazards. It’s also important to inform your children of how dangerous tasty Jolly Ranchers and Kit-Kat bars can be to their furry friends. If you have this chat in advance, kids might be more cautious and won’t be tempted to share their treats.
My older girls are doing something special with the youth group at our church.  Instead of asking for candy, they are going to ask for a donation to the food bank!  I think this is a great time to plan this, just in time for the Christmas Hamper season!

I know that I have talked about my kids, pretty much all the time, but I haven't talked much about our pet. We have a dog named Lady, she is a Jack Russel/Poodle mix, and as much as I am not a pet person, she has grown on me! We have had her on and off for just about 6 years now, and she has ALWAYS been a barker. Halloween is a bit stressful here, because Lady is a barker...we usually try to keep her in the back hall to keep her from scaring the trick or treaters away.
PET TIP #2 - With the door opening and closing all night, animals might take this as an opportunity to run away. Make sure to keep pets in a safe and enclosed area – even turn on a radio or TV to help suppress knocks at the door and outside sounds. If you plan to let your dog or cat in on the excitement, don’t forget they might be frightened by people in costumes. To keep them calm, say things such as “it’s OK” or “don’t be scared” in a soft and sympathetic voice.
She "claims" she is our guard dog, but we know the truth.  If someone comes to our door when no one is home, Lady can't be bothered to get off the couch.  However, if we are home and someone comes to the door, she is sure to let us know!  So, she is like our "fake" guard dog.  She doesn't like being "dressed up" too much, but some dogs do (and my kids really do try!!)
PET TIP #3 - If you choose to dress your dog or cat up this year, make sure costumes aren’t too tight. A sailor hat may look cute on your cat’s head but the string attached may be irritating its neck. Just like people, pets need to be able to breathe comfortably and move safely without tripping or being unable to see and hear.
Lady and Faith (before her trim)
 Lady is also very protective of Faith and will sleep with her at night, and keep an eye on her.  When Faith is about to have a seizure, we know because Lady will go and lay right by her, to keep her from rolling and hurting herself!  While she is protective of Faith, we need to remember to protect her in return...which brings us to...
PET TIP #4 - Candles and jack-o-lanterns should be kept at a safe distance or up on table tops. The flames or hot wax can cause burns on your pets and even a fire if knocked over. As an alternative, use flashlights and LEDs to safely spook-up your house. If your jack-o-lantern or other decorations has a power cord, make sure your pet can’t chew them.
She is a part of our family for sure!  Do you have any other tips? Tricks? Treats (ugh again;-)

Feel free to share your pet dress up pictures with the Iams family on Twitter.

You can also find safety tips for your pets year round at:  SPCA, OSPCA, Iams or on the Iams Facebook Page. 

Disclosure: I received compensation for this blog post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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