Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Mommy of All Baby Events!

Today Loblaws started an amazing new program for moms.  The Mommy of All Baby Events is running from October 10th-October 24th.  

I was checking it out and they have some pretty great deals going on, as well as contests!  You can win a $5000 RESP or 1 of 3 $250 Joe Fresh gift cards!!

I have been shopping more frequently at my local Superstore and Zehrs.  I love that I can go to one store and get my groceries, medicines, eyeglasses, and clothes all in one stop!  If you read my blog you know that I have a pretty busy life, between my own 5 kids, plus my bff and her 4 kids (I get my brand new baby fix when I see her;-).  We are always running to a store, or a program, or an event or a school activity just never ends!

This is my sweet baby girl Ava, that I get to hand back when she cries or is poopy;-)
I was checking out some of the deals at our local Zehrs, and I think I was more excited about the diaper and wipe deals then Ava's mom was!!  

Another important aspect of life when you are expecting, or enjoying your new baby is being healthy.  It is easy to forget to eat healthy when life becomes busy with baby.  I know first hand...I don't even have little ones around all the time, but I still forget about breakfast some days.

During The Mommy of All Baby Events there are Healthy Eating for Mommy and Baby classes in the cooking school.  There are 2 listed in our area and I am thinking that I may go along with Cheryl and Ava, just because it sounds like fun!  It costs $10 for the class, but you walk away with a $10 gift card afterwards, so it really is free!

There is also a feeding guide to follow during the different stages of baby's nutrition and a section on pre-natal health.  

To save time when I am shopping, I find that if I have planned my meals out ahead of time and written out my grocery list (which I get my kids to help out with), my trip to the store is so much quicker.  I will also try to fit my shopping trips in when I am either on my way to or from work, so that when I get home I don't have to go out again.

What tips do you have for saving that precious time that runs out all too quickly?
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