Sunday, November 10, 2013

The First Step

The feelings grow stronger the longer it is,
How do I stop them from claiming a win,
Why can't I seem to get past the hurt,
And how come some days I feel like dirt.
Trying to pick up and move on from there,
Its not what I wanted, why me, its not fair,
The valleys grow wider and deeper each day,
Its time to pack up and get on my way.
The wonder and glimmer that once framed my eyes,
Have turned out to be one great big old lie,
It all just continues to haunt me each day,
That I'm not worth someone changing their ways.
Its time to move forward, to take that first step,
No matter how scary or upset people get,
This is my life, I'm worth more then gold,
I'm worth more then rubies, a treasure, behold,
So today is the day to go forward with pride,
And know that my true friends will be at my side,
To do what I need to and take back my life,
And cut out the people that cause me great strife.
To grow and to flourish in ways unbeknownst,
To become the person that I love the most,
To do what I need to and love the whole me,
And know that I've become who I'm meant to be.


  1. A womens strength comes from within , let it out an then you begin. Look like you found yours! Be happy you are a wonderful mother and good friend to all xoxo Cherish

  2. great poem; many truths in there.