Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's All About Timing - But Not My Own...

Timing.  That seems to be the word of the year for me.  I know I said it was Transformation in a previous post, and that is true...but now I am dealing with the Timing part of Transformation.

This past month, we put our house up for sale, very quickly.  3 days in we got an offer, a very good offer. Which is a huge blessing, considering I have 5 kids living here, and that proves to be a bit difficult with staging, and organizing the kids for the various walk-throughs.  The offer is not final yet.  We have to wait until Friday, and this is where I have my hardest time, the waiting game.

My mind fills with doubts and worries.  I want to start packing and getting ready to move, but I know that the fact is, that first offers don't always go through.

We have already found a place that I would love to rent.  I decided that instead of rushing into purchasing a home that I will regret buying, we would find a house to rent instead.  I am not the handiest of people and I have struggled with keeping this place up myself.  I don't have a huge budget to hire people to do all the maintenance, so renting just makes sense.

We put our application in yesterday for this house.  It is in a nice location, it has 3 bedrooms and a large rec room, which we would use as a 4th bedroom.  So, it would fit us all.  I can see us in there.  The furniture, I know exactly how I would set it up, it is close to schools and bus routes and even my work.  It is convenient for childcare and close to friends.

But again, my mind fills with doubts and worries.  What if my credit is so bad that I can't qualify for this place?  What if I am getting my hopes up and in the end, our house won't sell and we will lose this rental. What if our house sale does go through and this rental doesn't become an option for us...

It is hard.  It is really hard to put those worry thoughts to the back of my mind and let the positive thoughts come to the front.  I have been so crushed in a lot of areas recently and I have learned to not have expectations of people.  It is hard to remember that God is in control and He knows what is best for me.

God's timing is always perfect...I know that.  And this time round, it just seems that this has all fallen in place for us.  The closing date of our (almost final) sale, the rent date for this new place, the money in place, our house cleaned out and we are just about ready to all seems so perfect, and yet I feel bad saying "God is orchestrating this" and then worrying whether it will all happen or not.

I really need people to stand in agreement with us.  I need to fill my mind with scriptures that will replace the worry.  I need to just breathe and know that as I am living right, as I am following Him, that because I know He wants the best for me, His child, that He will provide everything we need and it will be at the perfect time. And I need to remember that His perfect time is not always my perfect time.  But it is perfect nonetheless.

So, if any of my readers are the praying type.  If you are the type who send out positive "vibes" or whatever it is that you believe.  I would appreciate any and all of that right now, since I seem to be struggling through this process.  I'm asking for those who can, to stand in the gap in prayer, and that God will provide exactly what we His Timing.


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