Saturday, March 28, 2015

Do You Know a Cold Weather Hero?

How has this winter been for you?  I can honestly say that I haven't enjoyed the cold.

Most days it was just too cold to enjoy the snow and ice.

It has also made me appreciate my "indoor" job a little more.

But there are some amazing people out there, who know how important it is for us to have our garbage picked up, our kids helped on the way to school, our streets plowed or our city kept safe, no matter what the weather.

As part of the P&G Mom program, I was given the opportunity to gift a Tide set (A Tide Scarf, Coffee Travel Mug, and Tide Cold Water Detergent) to a #TideColdHero, and when I saw this I knew exactly who I would gift it to!

My parents have been an amazing part of my life, and not only do they impact myself and the kids, but they have taken on the role of impacting their neighbourhood families as well.

Both my parents are crossing guards in their neighbourhood, and I hear stories about how their mornings or afternoons went, how they conversed with the kids and parents, they know the different things that impact these families as well.

I think that crossing guards are often overlooked and just expected, but they choose to spend their time, a few hours a day, risking their lives - drivers aren't always observant; braving the elements - whether it is frigid -35 or sweltering hot towards the end of the year; and taking responsibility for all of our kids - to help them cross the road safely AND impact their social lives, and they choose to do this job, not for the money, but because they recognize the need and strive to fulfill it.

So, to my parents, to all the crossing guards, who risk their lives and brave the extreme cold/heat, THANK YOU!!  Thank you for taking that role in my childs life, when I can't be there to help them get to school.  Thank you for teaching my kids the social aspect of multi-generational relationships. Thank you for doing this selfless job and seeing it as an opportunity!!

You Are My Cold Weather Heroes!!

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