Thursday, November 23, 2017

You are worth it!!

I am so excited for the changes that have been happening in our lives, in all areas. 

A big one for me recently was that I took a risk to make some big changes to my health.

It's funny, because two years ago, a friend from summer camp (many moons ago) introduced me to a great nutritional program. Anyone who knows me, will know that I have tried different things to gain my health back, so I was skeptical. 

I had grown into a confident woman, who felt comfortable in her own body... And I think that is where the problem lies. Being comfortable when overweight, with no energy, and no desire to change is not necessarily the best place to be in. 

One night, just out of the blue, I contacted him and said that I wanted to give it a month to see if it was something I could do... And follow through on. I also joined a 16 week challenge to help keep me motivated.

Once I started using the nutritional products, I questioned why I didn't try it earlier!! My energy levels went way up, my weight was going way down and I was feeling like this may actually be something that I could accomplish!

I am now 2 months in, halfway through my challenge, and I'm down 24lbs, I have gone from a 3X shirt to an XL, and a size 22 pants to a 16!! I feel great, I'm don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I'm not having cravings (is amazing when you put exactly what your body needs inside you - no cravings!!). I have stopped pop and Iced Capps, no more daily fast food stops, no more late night trips, just to fill the void that I was filling. 

I honestly haven't been perfect through the past 2 months, I have eaten out with my kids, but it is a special day out (and my choices are different). I'm noticing what I actually consume and I have been enjoying coming up with meals that I look forward to. 

I still eat everything... Just all in moderation!

I have a great support system in place and friends that help motivate me to walk, on days that I don't want to (and vice versa;)

We have been walking 5km a day, only one day off in the last month! We challenge each other, push each other and have fun doing this!!

I'm glad that I took the plunge... I'm glad that I have started this journey, I'm maybe going to be able to win a prize!! I'm also able to have some of my products paid for, just by having others join me in this journey! 

These are some before and after pictures, that I'm so excited about and help keep me motivated! 

My first goal was to get to "one"derland before December and I am only 5-7lbs away!! 

If you are interested in joining me, and I would be glad to continue building this support network, contact me, I'm more then happy to share with you something that is working for me:)

You are worth it! 

The first picture is August 2017, second is November 2017!


2010/2011 and 2017

Looking forward to sharing more progress as I go along!!


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