Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Counter Update

Ok, so I am going to keep coming back here to post the details on the counter, because this is my life!!

I have now grouted the tiles. and let it sit for a while and wiped down the excess. You can actually see the colours on the counter again. We need to wait until Thursday to seal the grout. While we did this we decided that we would get some of the backsplash up. We were able to do it all but need to buy 3 more tiles to finish. I think we did pretty good at estimating there!

I think we will finish the backsplash tile with a small white ceramic border. Then when we grout it no one will notice that the counter wasn't level!!

So, that is it for now. We are having lunch and then doing school this afternoon. It has to be done at some point!!

Oh, and my mom told dh that when I am gone to Ottawa he would have lots of time to paint the kitchen!! We'll see what happens.