Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ok, so in my last post I had said that it was too hard and time consuming to scrape all those tiles. I had popped a few of them up to see how hard it was. Well, when you pop up a bunch of tiles from a counter, they kinda have to be replaced, right??

When dh got home from work we ran out to pick up a friend (Wave) and headed to RONA!! I love RONA (when I have money!). We went and checked out some tiles and I saw the exact tiles that I had pictured in the kitchen. Yay again.

So, we worked out what the cost would be and talked to an employee about what else we needed and we bought it and headed home.

First we had to take dd7 to her singing lesson and after that we came home. Dh pulled out the rest of the counter tiles and then I went through and scraped as much crap off as possible. Then we measured the tiles along the counter so we knew where they were all going to go.

Then it was just easy. Spread the adhesive and stick down the tile. While I continued on with that dh was fixing the hole behine the tap. We had some serious water damage back there and there was a gaping hole that needed to be patched good.

So, now we just need to PAINT!!! We have to wait and find some more money for that first. I was so happy to see how easy it really was.

Wave was able to cut the pieces around the sink without a tile cutter!! Thanks Wave!! So today we are grouting the whole top and then siliconing the sink and along the back and sides. Then we will be able to use the sink again.