Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today and Advice

So, today was an alright day. We spent most of it at the museum (
It is always fun to go there. Today was there grand opening of the new open art studio and the kids all got to make a feather out of paint and glue. It was very cool.

Tomorrow dd4 has preschool, so we will be getting ready for that too. Dd4 is really something else. Some days she just frustrates me soooo much though. But she does have some amazing days when what she does just makes up for everything else! Like yesterday she was just walking down the stairs and she asked me "Mom, am I beautiful?" it was just so sweet. I said "Yes, you are!!" and she ended with "thanks"., at the museum, with all those "business" people there, she pulled her hat over her head and sprawled, I me really sprawled out in the middle of the hallway floor. She started making this really horrible moaning noise. I told her to get up and of course, like any 4 year old, her ears didn't work!!

So, I need to read a book, or watch a video or something, to help me learn to discipline her without breaking her spirit. I love the way she is and who she is as a person, but she needs to learn to LISTEN!!!! I really didn't think it was this hard.

So if anyone has any suggestions, I would love them. Please leave me a post about it!!

I am gonna head to bed, I am still fighting something in my body this week, so, I wish you all a good night.


  1. You and my sis Lala have to talk. She's raising 4 girls and has read many books on strong-willed children, she has a few...

  2. Hey Ruth,

    I read the book, Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours, by Dr. Kevin Lehman
    I have 4 girls too and it can be very draining and challenging to say the least.
    My 5 year old is my biggest challenge, you might have met her she came out to Shash's last year with our parents.
    She finds new ways to challenge me on a daily basis!!
    I also have gone through Restoring the Foundations Seminar's and there is a lot to praying off generation stuff and root behaviour's.....

  3. Hey Lala, thanks for the input. I will definately have to read that book. I have checked it out already at Chapters and E-bay (how desperate am I??) I do remember your dd coming out here, just don't remember it clearly!!
    I will have to post on all my children and how different they are!!