Thursday, February 02, 2006


I thought I would put a post here about Usborne. I am trying to earn a bit of money by selling their books.

I will be placing an order on February 20th, so if you are interested, please email, phone me or leave a post here. They can deliver theses books to anywhere in Canada (I can work delivery out for outside Canada with parcel mail delivery, there would still be a charge, not sure how much right now though) for an extra charge, which I would split with you. Remember, you can check out all the titles on the website too.

There is also a contest going on right now. It is a website Treasure Hunt. You can find it at You just click on here, and answer at least 3 out of the 5 questions. They are pretty easy, if you are having trouble let me know too!! The PRIZE is 4 chances to win $50 in free books. How awesome is that? When you enter, put my name as the referring consultant, and I get a chance to win too!! (do this before Feb. 14)

Also, if you were interested in signing on to be a consultant, this month is the month to start!! The start-up package is only $29.95. It includes $100 worth of books and a business start-up pack. A great time to try it out and see if it is the thing for you or not. Let me know if you are interested and we can get together and talk.

My kids LOVE these books and I have caught myself reading and enjoying them too. They are also very affordable too!!

Ruth Patton


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