Monday, April 03, 2006

Early Monday Morning...

Ok, so I am having a harder time getting on the computer lately. Which I guess is a good sign that I am pretty busy. So, I had a great time at Saturdays conference. Other years that I have gone, I have chosen the seminars that I felt would benefit MY sanity. This time I chose ones that I felt would better help me understand my children.

The first one I went to was about 3 and 4 year olds. What I learned was that Cutie Pie acts the way she does because she is 4... Not really what I wanted to hear, but...I guess I just need to learn to work with her, a normal 4 year old.

The second seminar I went to was about Teaching with a Multi Sensory approach. Mr. Hockey, we think, is dyslexic. He has most of the classic signs of it. It is very expensive though, to have an assessment, so we are just going to work with him as though he is and that should help, hopefully. It was a good seminar. The guy walked us through a Lesson in the curriculum that he uses to help kids. I don't know how much this program is, but I think I learned enough that I could use some of the tactics at home without buying the program.

Then we had lunch, make your own sadwiches. They always seem to taste better when they are not made at home!!

Then Mr. BD came for the curriculum hall. I wanted him to be there to help with purchasing curriculum for next year. I hate spending a lot of money without him around. So, off we went with our mission. There are a pile of vendors there. It was good this year that I went with a list I made beforehand. We went to the math people that I wanted to check out for Mr. H. and we liked it and ordered it. I think it will be good to start fresh for him in that area next year.

Then we went to get reading and language arts for the 2 older ones. Not hard, we are going to just use what we are using now. It's working, so why change it?

Then we wanted to get something for Cutie Pie. So she can have her own school. So we found a really cool ABC book. It sounds like a lot of fun. We just bought the book, not the whole curriculum. Way to expensive for us right now.

Then I went to the fourth session. (I skipped the third session to buy the curriculum) This one was about gifted children. I wasn't sure about Princess when I first went in, but really feel like she is a bit gifted. I am not sure exactly what areas, it can be more then one, or just one. I learned about how to deal with her without crushing her in the process. She is one of those kids who asks a LOT of questions, she is never satisfied, and goes on her own to learn new things. She is doing school a grade ahead right now and she remembers doesn't matter how long ago or what it was. Whether it was important or not. I can get so frustrated with her, because she just gets bored so much. It was very good that I went to this one. i learned soooooo much.

That was pretty much my day. It is always fun to get out of the house and learn new things. I love going now, because I have been homeschooling long enough, that now I know a lot of the people who are there.

I am gonna run right now, we are having a WATER SOFTENER put in YAYAYAYAYAY...Now we can get the dishwasher hooked up too!!

Be back later on, hopefully...


  1. oh ya for the dishwasher!!! can't imagine what state my hands would be without it!!

    also just have to say that I really admire you for homeschooling your kids!! you sound like you really love it and I think that's great!! glad you had such a good day and got what you need to keep your kids alearnin!!