Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Things I still have to do...

Thirteen Things I have to do to get ready for the party on Saturday!!

1. Clean up the kitchen and dining room table

2. Clean off my desk

3. Get the flyers copied and delivered

4. Get the baking done

5. Make the decorations (this is what the kids get to do!!)

6. Get the craft packs ready for the kids who come with their parents (this will keep the kids occupied while the parents have time to browse the titles!)

7. Buy a mop and use it!!

8. Make sure I have all my Usborne books out and ready to display

9. Buy the prize basket items and prepare the basket

10. Prepare the draw tickets and print them off

11. Find our Christmas music

12. Hang up the sign that Princess and Cutie Pie made for the party

13. Get ready to sell lots of books (hopefully!!) If anyone would like to order, but can't make it to my house, let me know and I can help you out. I will cover any extra shipping costs (in Canada) to have the books go directly to your door.

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  1. Does it matter than I haven't done a TT?? ;-) I'll try to drop in on Saturday.

  2. Have fun at your party! Looks like you're crossing stuff off your list already! :) Thanks for stopping by my spot!

  3. Nice idea for a TT. Thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you a great party!

    Happy TT from Germany,

  4. Eek...mopping. I loathe mopping. Good luck with that list!

  5. I love the way you've got some crossed off already. Good luck with your party. Usborne books rock! (My sister-in-law is a distributor or I'd send you my order).

    Thanks for stopping by my TT. You're welcome to use my "photos not taken" idea any time. It would be fun to see it make the rounds as a meme.

  6. Sounds like fun. I hope you sell lots of books!

  7. Sounds like you still have a lot of work to do for your party! Good luck with it all and I hope you get it all done!

    13 Reasons I'm Thankful for my Mom

  8. Have a great party! I hope you sell lots of books. :)

  9. have a great party! sounds like it is going to be awesome
    I just bought the Hillsong Christmas Album.....LOVE IT

  10. That sounds like lots of work. But, it does sound like it'll be fun in the end.

    I hope you don't go too crazy.