Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Photo, A Recipe and My Day...

Today was one of those know those ones?  The ones that you just want to go to sleep and forget ever happened...It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

It started yesterday morning.  I am so awesome that I took out Faith's pills, cut the one in half, put the other half away and put the ones for her to take on the table.  Yup, I am so prepared, so awesome and really organized, right?  At 3pm I realized that I never gave them to her and it was too late to give them to her at that point.

She had the evening one and the morning ones today.  But she was kinda zoned.  In preschool she had a fairly long absence seizure and then on the way home she had another seizure.  She was fully asleep and her hands were "flapping" up and down.  Not her arms, just her hands...up and down at regular intervals.  So, I am kinda kicking myself for forgetting her meds obiously does affect her to miss them.

So, she is sleeping now and this is how she has to fall asleep with me

This is the clutch that she has on comes just before the feet in the face...

I want to share a recipe that we had at work tonight.  It was amazing and I can't wait to make it here to see what the family thinks...

Not sure what it was called...cause I didn't think of writing that down.  I think it is a vegetarian rice salad (or something like that)...

3 cups cooked Basmati rice
1 cup halved cherry tomatoes
1 cup diced cucumbers (no seeds)
1 cup diced yellow peppers
1 cup halved green grapes
1/4 cup chopped red onion
3 tsp curry paste or powder
1/4 cup olive oil
3 tbsp white wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
5 oz cubed cheddar cheese

Toss rice with fruit and veggies
In bowl, combine curry, oil, vinegar and season
Drizzle dressing on rice mixture and mix to coat well
Add cheese, toss and serve

So, this is supposed to be eaten cold...but we had it warm.  I don't think I would like it cold.  It was amazing!!  I really liked how the grapes mixed with the curry.  I will definitely be making this at home, and I think I am going to try feta instead of the cheddar next time. 

That is all for tonight.  Hope you have a great is the weekend!!


  1. You are still a great mom, everyone makes mistake, nobody is perfect.
    following your blog here...

  2. That salad sounds delish!

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  3. You are an amazing mom and even supermoms have their bad days.. but it's ok.. it's what makes them human:) Your daughter loves you to the moon, you know that! I am now following you thanks to Fun Follow Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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    Happy Friday!

  4. oh I've done that with Aiden's meds before... I find them midway through the day and by then he is at school and it is too late. That always means a phone call home from the school. Oy.

    That salad sounds yummy!

  5. You're a super MOM, as evidenced in part by the clutch-hold you allow your kiddo to have on you so she can go to sleep! :)

    That salad sounds fantastic! I love curry! I'd have to leave out half the stuff (tomatoes and peppers) but I bet it would still be good.

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