Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ain't Misbehavin' Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

No explanation needed...

After the tantrum, on the hospital floor

This is Faith.
She is my spirited child.

We have 5 kids, and they have all been different.  Our 2 older kids have turned out pretty great, even in their teenage years.  We don't have those horror stories that some parents experience at this time of their kids lives.  The next kid is learning.  She has a bit of an attitude, but she also has such a tender heart.  We are working on cultivating it more and are looking forward to watching her grow into a sweet and wonderful teenager.

Then we have the next 2 kids.  Hope and Faith.  We have struggled with parenting with those 2, in particular.  They are both so spirited.  Hope is so emotionaly and they just seem to run her life.  We can't make any jokes with her, she can't lose the game (though we just put up with the tantrum after and play fair), she is so active and just so stubborn...well, maybe I mean strong willed.  But, she is so smiley, so loving and she loves hard!!

And we have Faith.  She is very much like her sister, but is physically aggressive as well.  We have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn't leave permanent scars on her siblings.  She is also the biggest cuddler and has to touch skin to skin to fall asleep, but she doesn't stay asleep.  More on sleep in another post.

Even after being parents for the past 15 years, we are really struggling with how to deal with these 2 girls, without breaking their spirits and their individuality.

When Mom Central sent out the email for the book, Ain't Misbehavin', by Alyson Schafer, I was on it!!  It sounded like something I could use, just having to focus on the section that worked the best for me at that moment.  I don't have time to read whole books, and we had tried almost every method out there...

This book arrived and I was glued to it (for the few seconds I had) and I knew it was going to be a GO-TO book for me.

I have read through a few of the sections briefly, and I found it to be such an easy, quick read.  One of the sections that hit me was all about sleeping habits!!  We are going to try some of the suggestions she has listed in her book.  There are too many to list here.  The book also covers topics like nose picking, not saying bye to people (ignoring and being rude), picky eaters etc...

It has every topic you can think of!! 

I would absolutely recommend this book to any parent out there who is struggling with their kids, and like me, doesn't have the time to read an entire book to figure out a way to deal with them. 

You can find this book for sale at: Amazon for approximately $10...well worth the sanity it could bring to your life!!

I am also offering a giveaway here, on my blog.

This contest will run from Today, April 2 - April 21 at midnight EST.


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Disclosure - I am participating in the Ain’t Misbehavin’ program by Mom Central on behalf of Wiley Publishing.  I received a copy of the book to review and gift card as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. I would love to read this book for the sleeping habits part aswell.. my kids have crappy sleeping habits and it drives me bananas!

  2. I follow you on twitter @onlybluemomma and I tweeted :)