Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Am I Really Unique?

First trip away from the kids in 16 years!!
So, Today’s Parent put out a call for bloggers, to share with them what makes us unique. I have been thinking about it, and of course, I have procrastinated as long as possible!

I am a mom (not unique). One of my kids has special needs (also not unique). I homeschooled for 6 years (not as unique as it used to be). I have buried a child (sadly, this does not make me unique). I have 5 kids (crazy, but still not unique). So, how am I unique?

I think each of us comes to a point where we realize we are not like everyone else. We are all made differently, raised differently and that makes us each unique. With 5 kids, from 4 years old to 16 years old, I have so many stories to tell, both funny and sad. This is the main reason I started my blog, almost 6 years ago. My blog has taken many turns through the years, from funny homeschooling tidbits to conversations in the van, to my brutal honesty about the issues in my life and an online journal through my youngest daughters fight for life.

So, to write a post about what makes me unique is hard. I am kind of all over the place!

We raise our kids in a way that most look at as odd. Our parenting philosophy is that we are raising these children to leave us. Shocking...but true! We are bringing up the next generation, and we want to make sure they are independent, respectful and have a good sense of the world NOT revolving around them. That means that at the age of 13 they travel to another country to do mission work. To see how privileged they truly are. My 13 year old has been to Peru, while my 16 year old has been to Guyana, and twice to Romania. They want to go more, they want to be the change in this world! Our 9 year old is counting down the days when she is able to go.

We are not a perfect family. We fight, we yell, we make mistakes, but we love and we apologize and we are honest with each other. We are a tight knit family that has been through so many storms, and these storms statistically, should have broken us apart, however, they have made us stronger. We have fought to stay strong and would have it no other way.

Maybe that is how we are unique...

3 of my favourite blog posts are:
  1. Questioning
  2. Grieving
  3. Laughter